Michael Crain


Weyerhaeuser Private Party


5th Annual Bash For Gas
Gig Harbor, Washington

Photography by Dean K. Hart
Michael Crain on Lead Vocals & Guitar
The band played to a 'packed house' for the Mission to Mexico's 5th Annual Bash For Gas.
The dancer's enjoyed the band's dance music line-up and kept the party going all the way to closing time.


MC Band sound technician, Ron Green, kept the sound sweet as the band played a solid three sets.
Mike Carini on Drums
Drummer Mike Carini supplies the beat and backup vocals for the band while from left-to-right, Dave Croston (guitar and backup vocals), Michael Crain (lead vocals and guitar), and Derek Winkel (bass and backup vocals) bring it all together.
Michael with the infamous 'Michael Crain Dancers' on stage performing for the crowd. Did someone say, call security?

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